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Much has changed since December 6, 1992.  A new phase has appeared on the horizon of Inter- faith  Dialogue  which,  of  late,  has  assumed  a  more  cosy  and  relaxed  course  in  intellectual exercise.     The  process  of  structured  dialogue,  a  situation  that  was  the  hallmark  of  the ecumenically sponsored theology of dialogue in India, almost came to a jolting halt.   Doubt about its utility and purpose was raised.   The adjustment process, with some accommodative postures, was not yet complete when new phase suddenly erupted.   A massive, violent reaction followed from the minority community, belonging not to the periphery of Ayodhya but distant places in Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamilnadu.   It took a considerable toll of human life and property.  The distrust of one minority community toward others penetrated deep into people’s conscious and sub-conscious psyche, as different tones and languages started to appear from rival religious and political leaders of our great motherland.

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