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This is the centenary year of my father, and I thought, it will be nice to celebrate the event with launching a web-site of my own in which we can share his life and thought. One way of doing this is to up-load a few of his articles which we will be doing in due course of time.

To begin with, a biographical sketch is here for the reader to have an introduction of him and his thought.
My father has influenced a quite number of people, most of whom have been his students, colleagues and acquaintances. We will try to provide them a space for expressing their impression of him. Feel free to write to me.
My father was a true follower of Christ, who was his Ishta. He, however, never tried to solicit others to remove their Ishta with his. He just wished to share his experience with Christ. This is what Gandhi expected of him, and he followed it with all sincerity and genuineness in witness through life-patern.
Frailty and pitfall are the part of human existence; getting over them is the true sign of saintliness. My father’s life and works present a few glimpses of struggles he had in overcoming them, without grievance and grumbling; he took, and interpret them as a part of Divine Grace and providence.

I invite you to join in celebrating the life and witness of my father-guru.

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