Theology of a Covert: A Contribution to Indian Christian Theology from the Cultural and Religious Heritage of India

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By P. Victor Premsagar
(Late Bishop P. Victor Premasagar, MA (Cantab), PhD (St Andrews) was an eminent Old Testament scholar, theologian-professor and Principal of Andhra Christian Theological College, Hyderabad. He served as the President of the Senate of Serampore College (1979-83), Bishop in CSI diocese of Medak and the Moderator of Church of South India. He is remembered, and respected, for his straightforwardness, personal integrity and utter humility).

Yisu Das Tiwari was himself well trained and equipped in the Hindu classical writings, Sanskrit and Hindi languages. He also had English education at the ‘famous St. John’s College, Agra and later studied Greek at the Regent’s Park College, Oxford, under the great New Testament scholar Dr. D. G. Kilpatrick in preparation for the translation of the New Testament into Hindi. In this translation, he captures the cultural and religious heritage of his traditional learning, which are a treasure of immense value for the students of Indian Christian Theology and Biblical Studies. Thus, Yisu Das Tiwari was exceptionally qualified to translate and interpret SL John’s Gospel. The son discovers in these accounts, tine hidden heritage of their ancestral learning, as a family of Vedic teachers.
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