Encounter with Mahatma Gandhi

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Gandhi never discussed with me the doctrine of virgin birth or about miracles or the doctrine of Atonement. He never argued whether Gita was greater than the Gospel or vice versa.
Gandhi had become a staunch pacifist. In this he was influenced by Ruskin (Unto the Last) and Tolstoi (Kingdom of God within You) and not by Greek and Latin fathers and evangelical Protestant missionaries. From him,I learnt the importance of
sweeper’s work, leatherwork and the work of weaving. How to apply ancient gospel teaching to modern problem. All this was against my Brahmanic ways and Manu’s teachings.
At Wardha and Sevagram I had a great opportunity of meeting men and women from east and West, bound by love and loyalty of a great leader (Gandhi). This was indeed breeding atmosphere for dialogue. But I discovered that what I needed was the fellowship of Christian Church. So I moved to Quakers, Anglican Church etc. Also my personal need to learn deeply the sacred languages and (live ina ) multicultural (community) and yet to keep my Christian identity. Mahatma Gandhi did not like these plans of leaving the Ashram. He wanted that I should keep on living in the ashram where I had liberty to teach about the life of Christ, Parables of the Kingdom, Sermon on the Mount etc. His view about me was: A rolling stone gathers no moss. Also he said, /“You have struck at my heart with your fist/”. Please revise your decision and continue to live at the Ashram.
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